Munno Para GP Super Clinic

The UniHealth GP Super Clinic and adjacent Playford Teaching and Training Centre, located within a new major neighbourhood precinct at Playford North, is a custom-designed medical and teaching clinic focused on providing preventative health.

This greenfield development is based in the northern Adelaide metropolitan area (Playford), a location removed from local primary care facilities. The Super Clinic is focussed on health promotion, illness prevention and streamlined coordination between General Practitioners, Allied Health Services, Community Health and education.

Planning is focused around a large central plaza courtyard that provides outdoor children’s play and quiet areas, all within view of the open central waiting area. The traditional consulting rooms ring the central plaza area. Sound and daylight to consulting rooms are managed with double glazing and graphics to the glass and well positioned screening. The design concept in form and finishes is founded on providing a multicultural feel that is non confronting and easily accepted by clients to encourage a continuance of preventative care.

Playford North Teaching & Training facility

The Playford Teaching and Training Centre is a collaboration of Adelaide Unicare, the University of Adelaide, UniSA and the Australian Federal Government.

This is a public health facility that also offers medical graduates and post-graduates access to further education and practical work-experience within the local community.

The concept offers placement for medical and allied medical graduates to obtain hands on experience. The Clinic provides academic facilities for students to study and receive tuition on site while participating in the work environment.


GP Super Clinic – Single level | 1,200 sqm
$5M, Traditional delivery

Playford North Teaching & Training facility – 2 Levels | 1,800 sqm
$5.5M, Traditional delivery