Munno Para Shopping City

Hardy Milazzo has been involved in the development of the shopping centre from its inception and initial master planning of the 60 acre site to the continuing development of that master plan. This resulted in the construction of three stages of the Centre proper and the subsequent development of the surrounding support retail related developments, over a 25 year association with the Chapley Group. Hardy Milazzo is still the preferred and only architect for the Centre.

The Shopping Centre extensions were constructed while a small existing (BiLo) centre remained trading so it was imperative that the construction programme was sensitive to this requirement. For this initial phase and then subsequent phases the skills of Hardy Milazzo were paramount in recognizing the necessity of retaining the integrity of the fabric of the structure, operational efficiencies and retail access and exposure. This could not have been achieved without the strong relationship with the shopping centre owners and the centre management group. All work undertaken relies on this strong rapport where project issues can be discussed candidly and in an open manner. Other interest groups are included in these discussions including major and smaller tenants as well as Local Government and community groups.

Major tenants were thus involved in the development of the entire centre and provided input to their specific needs in the design stages. A structured regime of information sessions has taken place in all phases to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of progress and direction. Currently we are conceptualizing a major mall upgrade.


Foodland, Coles, Kmart, Aldi, Amart, KTAS, Best and Less, Baby Bunting, Cheap as Chips & Numerous Specialities